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Cutting travel costs

I don't know about you, but I'd rather travel cheap than stay at home looking at the 4 walls ALL of the time!

Of course, CHEEP means different for all people like opinions about a car's look.

Bottom line dirt cheap is that several western states are pretty soft, and let people sleep in their veh. at rest areas. Whether you agree, or think that's sick, or too unsafe; I'm just laying it out as a possibility.

Truck stops: Many times when I start a roadtrip, that macho urge to conquer many miles especially the first day or two, (three for me) combining w not sleeping well at first in a strange place, usually brings exhaustion to the point of the 2nd or 3rd night, you could sleep through about anything! If it's cool enough to keep your windows shut, and you have good seals on your car, it's easy to park next to idling 18wheelers all night, and sleep well.
Of course the important key so far is to be near that bathroom in the morning for the daily constitution if you are regular.

Out in the sticks hiding the veh. somewhere off some gravel road life leads to the carry your roll of TP, and a screwdriver, looking for a tree to hide behind.

Just having a little fun, here!

The real purpose of this post that I wanted to get across; was the possibility of us sharing the knowledge of FREE CAMPGROUNDS with each other. If enough of us shared, longer trips could be enjoyed by all!
It would be cool to see a national grid of what we shared displayed here!

It should only be a place that you KNOW FOR SURE IS FREE, and has been for more than a couple of yrs. to be trusted.

My share for today is a park next to a river in Columbus, Montana. There is an optional donation slot. A local lumber mill provides this. If your timing is good, free firewood is stacked there for the taking as well.
It's quiet yet only about a 1/2 mile off I-90. Tent campers beware though; there are ticks in the grass. I have stayed there at least 3 times in the last few yrs.

OK! Who's next?

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