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This topic is known as "boondocking" on the RV boards. Or, "Free" camping sites (as in no facilities, and no known legal impediments).

Walmart is the now-classic "free" campground for many travelers, though RV oriented. The expectation at both it and the truckstop is that one will spend some money. Truckstops offer showers for $8-12 or so as well as 24-hour restaurants (not all, only the ones worth using, IMO), and Walmart often has a grocery section.

For any kind of "cheep" traveler, a 12V refrigerator or ice chest is a worthwhile investment. Same with a big water container that could be refilled for drinking and washing. And some manner of being able to cook. There are an impressive range of 12V appliances of the small sort, even if their performance leaves something to be desired.

A minivan with curtains, an airbed and some big plastic totes would be a good start. And, a tent, for a longer stay somewhere.

I'm a bit loathe to "publish" free as they tend to disappear. On the other hand, one of the fine things to arise in the original Great Depression was the establishment of town or city free campgrounds. The city fathers realized that the many small benefits to the community (lower overall costs) outweighed the ire of a few campground owners.

When the private profit of a few is not the motive, more money tends to be spent at local businesses. I have heard the WWI veterans, now retired and touring the US in their trailer-car combinations in the 1960's making it a point to re-visit a few places where they were treated well under the terrible circumstances of the 1930's.


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