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Hello from the boot state.

Hello all,

I'm in search of a few ways to improve the mileage on my 94' Accord. I acquired this car recently as an alternative vehicle to my Silverado (16mpg) which is costing 450$/month. I made an assumption based on word-of-mouth mileage estimates of Accords and thought it to be a 30+mpg car. Sadly, I've only been able to muster out 25.5 mpg. After reading opinions, I see an Accord is a poor choice and wouldn't get 30+ mpg brand-new in 94'. The "100+ hypermiling tips" have been very helpful and informative. I'm now searching for physical mods to my car to improve mpg.

Things that strike interest-

Load based cruise control
Cold start fast idle delete
Block heater.

Looking forward to chatting with everyone.

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