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I've been using 40mm deep rims front and rear. I seem to notice adifference between these and box style rims--although it may all be weight and placebo effect.

I've been away from racing for acouple years and hope to retun in '12. I've been very good and I'm sure Santa will bring me a new set of wheels, I just want to know what I should ask for.

My thought was a deep V in the front and a light box mag ie: American Classic magnesium in the rear. The front gets the clean airflow and it should make a difference. The rear wheel gets a wierd and changing flow dut to everything in front of it and apair of moving legs. Short of a full disc, I don't see anything likely to clean up the exiting air. A full disc weighs about 950-1200 grams the mag wheel about 480.

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