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Although my subscription to this build is late, I've been following it from day one.
Being kind of a new guy here I thought I'd best catch up and learn the Members and thought processes before jumping in and adding any comments.

I like the body style of the recliner you've designed. I'm partial to weather protected bikes versus open air cockpits. No offence Craig! I've burned up your server for several years following your experiments!!!! I'm a big fan of KLR's!

Having owned several of the air cooled 90 cc Hondas I can tell you that keeping that little wonder cool will be your biggest challenge. Obviously, but here's a suggestion!
You might consider welding a sleeve around the cylinder and water cooling it with a radiator and electric water driven pump. Some Buds and I converted a Honda 125 cc engine from air cooled to water cooled successfully back in the late 70's for S&G's.

Sadly since the head was not water cooled and it eventually melted. But we were using it as a trail bike, not a road bike.

Just throwing out an option.

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