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Reply to Curtis
Your questions and comments are always welcome!
The donor C90 is a 1987 12V model – most European versions have been 12V since mid 80’s.
As for fan size and volume of air, this is a pure guess. Anyone able to accurately calculate the cfm flow through a complex duct system, relate that to pressure differential across intake and exit vents, factor in heat exchange rates, etc – that person gets my admiration, I couldn’t do it. But what I can do is observe other similar systems and make an educated comparison. I only have 11.5hp target, and heat output is directly proportional to power. Racecar (no fans) sidepods cool total heat production through water and oil radiators, with entry apertures of 400x100 per side, so scaled down from 800hp I think this should work – but I might be wrong, testing will show which. If it needs more airflow there is an option to increase exit vent size with “gills” in the lower body sides, but with a drag penalty.

I’m with you on the engine power! A surplus of power makes for a more enjoyable driving experience but in this new world (gas prices) I’m not sure that’s a luxury I can afford. The frame would adapt to many current engine options as long as they have (near)horizontal cylinder configuration.

When its finished, you or anyone else would be welcome to use the body design for your own versions. I will mould the final outer panels in fibreglass and will be happy to sell them, but there’s a long way to go yet. My aim is to finish it for spring, but to test the “raw” un-bodied mechanicals just after Christmas.

I’ll post more detailed images of the rear suspension next time
Thanks for your interest
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