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Uh oh. I mistakenly assumed that your car had a 4 speed automatic, which my instructions would have been accurate for. My apologies! The 4 speed does not have a dipstick. Now I see that your car was the last model year that had the abysmal 3 speed as an option! On the plus side, it is the strongest transmission available for that car, even stronger than the 4 speed. On the other hand, it gives your car a rating of 20/27 (by 08 standards). I didn't know if you had or needed a torque wrench. I just tightened by feel and haven't had issues for the last 30K mi. Let me know what RPMs you run at 55mph, the next time you're on the highway. BTW, my advice about 53mph being the most efficient cruising speed is now null and void.

Great write-up though, and I'm honored to be mentioned on your blog! I see that we're both programmers as well, very nice

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