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Slowmover, I completely agree with you reply. I will put a pad or something to jot down the info (odo, gals) so my wife can easily record when I'm not filling the truck. Ironically, it's time to fill it up tomorrow and I'll be the one doing I'll have a good starting point. We've been driving it less, so that means I'll have a better chance of being the one that fills the truck.

As for gauges, I do have my BullyDog gauge/tuner that does show some of the important info, including instant mpg, avg mpg (both of which I calibrated and feel I'm within 1% accuracy), egt/pyro temp, fuel pressure, etc. I do keep a close eye on it when I'm driving and tend to drive more like a hypermiler than a race car driver. As far as avg speed, that's a tough one. When I make my big 800+ mile trip, then yes. I have a gps and can see my moving avg...but around town (and especially when my wife is driving) I do not have an accurate way to gauge it (since no gps is needed and my wife doesn't turn on my BullyDog gauge/tuner).

Regarding mpg and mph....I do tend to see the best mpgs when I'm in the 50-65 range (1700-1900 rpms).

I do have the block heater wired and use it when needed during the winter. I have looked at the MOPAR winter front, but haven't pulled the trigger on it (maybe this year).

I had a fuel tank heater installed (when I was making and burning biodiesel during the winter), but it lasted less than 1 winter before it started to come off. I could have put some of those huge zip ties on it to reinforce the adhesive backing, but, to be honest, I don't feel like running the risk of it coming (partially) off during the cold months here and have to work on it and/or repair it. Benefit vs. risk/maintenance is just not worth it in my opinion.

Thanks for the info. By the way, there's a guy on the cumminsforum that is claiming 27+ mpgs (consistently) with a 4x4 dually (hand calculated) and says his friends are too. Those of us following the thread are waiting for a reply from him giving some detail on his mods and his proclaimed 'kinks' that they have worked out for better mileage. So far, there has been no hard facts/stats to back any of his claims. I'm skeptical, but we'll see.

Here's the thread if anyone wants to follow it: (well, I tried to post the link, but apparently I need to have another post or 2 without links in order to meet quota. I'm not one to post something for the sake of quotas, so next time I post I'll see if I can attach the link)
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