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Originally Posted by jakobnev View Post
Before we stand and salute, or even answer the poll, lets us look at where it originates and who sponsored this initiative: The New America Foundation.

They claim to be non-partisan, yet if you look at who their major donors are the political ideology in which their policies are rooted is obvious - despite their attempts at distancing themselves from the ideology they promote.

The following article from shows some of their agenda and who their influential financial supporters are:

As the war against for-profit schools drags on, several organizations continue to cry wolf in the hopes of landing the final blow to the resilient colleges. One of the biggest players in recent battles has been the New American Foundation. A seemingly ‘nonpartisan public policy institute’, this group is layered with traces of political leanings and loaded assertions.

The most vocal arm of the New America Foundation has been their publication of ‘Higher Ed Watch.’ Editor Stephen Burd remains one of the strongest opponents of for-profit schools having slandered the industry at every turn. Articles such as, “For Profit Higher Education’s New Conspiracy Theory” and “Heads Will Roll At For-Profit Colleges — But Not The Right Ones,” have allowed Burd to preach from his soapbox and reveal the political tendencies of the foundations largest donors.

George Soros, one of the looming figures behind the war against for-profit schools, has managed to force his philosophies into the group by means of a quite sizeable contribution. New America Foundation received between $250-000 and $999,999 from short seller Soros’ Open Society Institute. Steve Coll, President of New America Foundation, receives a base compensation of $271,000. The former contributor at The New Yorker Magazine calls the shots at NAF amid a cloud of outsider influence. With staff salaries paid in part by the contribution of George Soros, NAF’s alleged ‘bi-partisan’ reputation becomes an ever harder pill to swallow.

Even the chairman of the New America Foundation’s board, Eric Schmidt, can be called into question. Schmidt, the Chairman and CEO of Google, not only campaigned for President Obama but is also rumored to be on the short list for Commerce Secretary. Given all the incestuous political ties, it remains difficult to ignore the administration’s ability to force the hand of various non-profits.

New America Foundation has even hosted an event with Obama Administration Official James Kvaal, titled “Reining In For-Profit Higher Education.” Hosted by Burd, the event served as a vehicle to further tarnish the reputation of for-profit schools. The Obama administrations relentless attacks through seemingly bi-partisan groups are a deceptive ploy. In the attempts to sway support away from student choice, the administration continues to use every tactic available. Just last week on it’s website, New America Foundation posted it’s own article, attacking the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities over its legal challenge to Obama’s outrageous actions.

Anyone who harbors doubts that Soros is not involved in nearly every action of the Obama Administration needs to take a closer look. Even here – in policy-making at the Department of Education – Soros’ fingerprints are everywhere. For an administration that claimed to pride itself on lack of influence from outside sources, they’re certainly having a difficult time shedding their donors, lobbyists, career leftists and destructive liberal influences.
Let's not pretend that there is no political influence involved here.
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