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Not legal to ride in a trailer in Texas. And "food trucks" (as a generic term) have their own problems as well (legal requirements; state & city code). While many RV'ers leave the propane tanks "open" while traveling, it is a problem at harbors, bridges, tunnels, rail crossings and the rest, for legality and safety. This is "open", but not with running appliances.

With running appliances (refrigerators, normally), one has a very low Btu draw, even an oven is not so high, but flame-out is better controlled by the manner of construction of, say, the water heater and refrigerator (I'd rather have a 3-way: LP/12V/120V). I would not at all be comfortable with an oven running while going down the road. Flame control is crude, to say the least.

I'm not aware of anyone cooking while driving. While there are those who use the latest version of a "haybox" that continues to cook while underway after first prepping/cooking, there is no open flame in use while doing so. Nissan Thermal Cookers are a more modern version, though I doubt one could bake (so prove me wrong).

As to suspension improvements, a torsion axle is much superior to a conventional leaf sprung suspension for ride control. CENTRAMATIC balancers on the wheel/tire combo are also recommended. Contact DEXTER AXLE once you have separate axle and tongue weights from a certified scale (CAT Scale, plenty along IH-20) to ask their recommendations.

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