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What are the car manufacturers doing??

The cars are getting heavier, and bigger. I know they make it bigger so they can introduce more smaller cars but they still suck on gas. Cars from 10 years ago are actually getting better fuel economy than the cars of today(ignoring hybrids).

I just see a trend, the more gas prices go up the worser the fuel economy of cars. It's like the oil companies and the car manufacturers are bending us over at the same time.

the new civic is rated for 25/36
the new corolla is rated for 26/35

you've got to be kidding me!!!

The fit sucks on the gas and so does the yaris. And what the hell happened with the Xb???? the last generation xb was so economical...did you see the new Xb???? 22/27 I laughed in the salesman face when he said it's economical, are you ****ing kidding me?

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