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Originally Posted by muffildy View Post
it doesnt have to look anything
it needs to be more aerodynamic
the stock miata is something like .37 coef of drag
frontal area should be pretty much stock miata though since the width/height are being determined by a lot of the harvested parts, but the aerodynamics can hopefully be improved to be a .25 or so coef of drag.
So to do that i basically need to follow almost all of the aeromods listed on this website, which includes changing the angle the windshield meets the hood at to be less severe of a change. to do that i think i will need a taller windshield.

I was thinking of switching to the toyota prius windshield, which is slightly wider as well so the wheels would end up being slightly recessed which would be ok since then i can cover them with panels without there being a bump.
but im open to other options.
If you were going to go to all the trouble to re-engineer your windshield you'd want to all the way to something like a GTP windshield,as Venom and McClaren,Mercedes C-111 III,etc. run.These are $ 3,000 windshield and would require massive modifications to the entire cowl area.
My neighbor ditched his Miata ,got a CRX and picked up 12 mpg without lifting a finger.
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