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Hal - thanks for that EFI link. I've just checked out the site and it's just what I was looking for! The pricing looks reasonable too. If anyone has first-hand experience of the system I would like to get an opinion before purchasing.
My aim was always to upgrade the motor to FI when the initial testing is complete. I know I cannot hit my target 100mph without the 11.5hp that I calculated, and the power hike has to come from an engine rebuild with rebore to 100cc and other mods. However, I want to get the project "on the road" asap, so I will leave the engine standard initially. This means finishing the intake port to mount the std carb, even though I plan to junk it later.
Ref the 125 - this is where I should have started, but its too late now! I would be interested if anyone can tell me if the engine mounting points are interchangeable - that would mean less cutting an welding if I decided to upgrade at a later date. Craig(Vetter) always said he thought the 90 was a bit small, so I'm keeping an open mind until I get it running.

Craig - sometimes you really surprise me! I had imagined a "forward thinker" like yourself would be all in favour of EFI. Carbs may be the choice of a racer, but they have no place in modern vehicle technology. At best they are a blunt instrument which hits the target only by throwing-in fuel "and seeing what sticks".
EFI is actually the "racers choice" introduced in F1 in mid 80's long before govts even understood the potential gains. I doubt if any engineer who has installed a good "fully programmable" engine management system, and completed a calibration with the ease and accuracy available, would ever consider going back to carbs.
Your streamliner would probably benefit from EFI - think of all that foreign oil you are wasting!
I'd love to join you on your Vegas trip (Red Rock Casino Sunday 20th Nov - hope you don't mind the plug) but the bike's a long way from finished and I'm still on the wrong side of the pond. But, I'm gonna make myself a promise - I'll do one of your challenges, once I meet my own!
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