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Well, I've been hawking all my prized possessions on Ebay. I'm putting off my home-made motor controller until later. I had 4 cheap IGBTs, and have been selling them one at a time, so as not to flood the market. I got them for $12 each, and am selling them for about $30 each. hahaha! I'm so sneaky! I had most of my code written for the microcontroller that makes all the decisions on my controller. Coding is free, but unfortunately, it's also really easy, and the thrill is gone. That rabbit hole only goes like 3 feet deep. Anyone who wants a mostly finished program for a ATMega16 atmel microcontroller to be used in a DC motor controller, let me know. I'll sell it for $-5.00. That's right folks, I'll actually give you the program, and I'll give you $5. (A good application of negative integers! Well, I'll only give you the HEAVILY COMMENTED program). I'm just wasting time until 5pm EST. That's when part 2 comes on for CNN's "WE WERE WARNED!" HAHAHA

I have my eye on the prize, a $200 car by mid-June. It's going to be hard going 3 whole months without kicking any bad kids out of class. I watched CNN's "OUT OF OIL: WE WERE WARNED! Part 1" yesterday. I hope today's is better. What can we do? Ethanol? Hmm... Oh, I have an Idea! How about build an electric car! I hope they mention that option in part 2 tonight.

I was thinking of going to the store today to buy a few nuts that can screw onto the posts of the battery terminals from Costco. But deep in my heart, I know that's a waste of time. I can go there later to buy the nuts. I don't even have the batteries yet. I'll buy them at the last minute, since they don't like to sit on the shelf.

I went to a junkyard yesterday. They had 2 geo metros. Both were stripped to the bone. I just wanted to get a measurement of the spline thing that is inside of the clutch disk (with the springs in it). I found out that the transmission shaft has a bit of play to it. Like 1 mm or so. That's good. That means that making the adapter plate can have a hair of error in it.

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