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- Leave the radio off to save elecricity = fuel.
- Check traffic situation via internet before getting into the car, re-route if necessary.
- Use satnav to check for congestion while driving, radio stations often only report the heaviest obstructions when the traffic situation goes south. It also uses less electricity than the radio.
- Look for 'warm' parking spots; e. g. at work, we have a spot in our parking garage where warm air from the air conditioning system of the building is blown into the garage. Good for keeping the vehicle (and engine) warm in autumn and especially during the winter.
- Close garage door as fast as possible when the vehicle is parked, you can keep the thermal energy from the cooling engine inside and have a (little bit) warmer car the next morning. With our double garage (brick / no insulation, away from house) this works out to about 5C higher temp. in the morning than outside.

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