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Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
I had a scangauge TYPE of product back in 1979 that I ran on my 1966 1bbl carb 200ci Mustang.
I think i alsoways had to tell it how many gallons I put in.
It worked great.
I used to get 27mpg on the road.
You can calculate mileage with pencil & paper, or a simple calculator. An electronic gadget isn't really necessary.

My very first car, given to me by a wealthy cousin when I was in college, was a jalopy, and a real 'land yacht': A 1963 Caddy convertible. It even had tail fins and real chrome everywhere in it (which was totally out of date by the time I got it.)

Sure, it was a gas guzzler - but what wasn't back then? - except maybe a VW?

It sure was fun to drive though: No pollution controls. No seat belts. Kettering ignition points. Rotted exhaust system. Distressed paint. Bald tires. Leaking radiator. But the leather seats, the radio and the convertible top all worked great until its dying day, despite it being on its last legs. Fond memories... gas only cost about 69 cents per gallon then.
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