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Originally Posted by visionary View Post
Patrick – yeah, the “jackshaft” was an unintended consequence, and I acknowledge that it will reduce my driveline efficiency, but its there now and fabrication has finished with reasonable solution, so I’ll stick with it! But if I posted images and weights, I would be interested in how big you think the losses will be. My stock motor gives (supposedly) 7.5hp, and I’m aiming to up this to 10hp to reach the 100mph target – would another 0.5hp cover the losses?
I think I saw a table that did a good job comparing chain drives and adding a jackshaft. I think I remember their being a fairly large penalty for adding a second set of sprockets and another chain, something the Land Speed motorcycle racers consider when building an enclosed bike for Bonneville.

Check out, there is a section devoted exclusively to motorcycles. Check out posts by "Seldom Seen Slim" IMO a huge asset to the LSR community. Others as well.

One side note: Guys like Craig Vetter are very uncommon. If he gives you advice on building something, your ears should perk. He knows a little about drawing board vs. real world experience. You are very fortunate to have him participate in this thread, and should be very slow to dismiss said advice, even if you disagree.
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