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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Yeah, and boo on the writer for perpetuating two worn out myths:

[B]1) "Light cars are unsafe - crash protection means today's cars must be heavier."
Well, they are... when everyone else is driving a Canyonero.

Notice that crash tests are all about slamming into a barrier. None of them simulate running head on into a 3000kg SUV, and your resulting rapid change in momentum. SUVs don't tend to do that well in collisions with trains either, I don't believe that they even feel the bump as the SUV gets punted into the blue yonder.

Which is why SUVs (especially city bound) used as commuting vehicles annoy me - everyone is using more fuel as a result, and it could be solved with government regulation. We already have the big government, if it's here it at least ought to be used for good.
"Every body perseveres in its state of being at rest or of moving uniformly straight forward, except insofar as it is compelled to change its state by force impressed." - Isaac Newton

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