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@ Daox: Thanks. I might just do that. There's been a lot of new developments in LPG installations lately, and so much more choice then a few years back.
@ Vekke: thanks, also for the advice. I didn't look into Ultragauge and I just love gauges
The Forfour doesn't look much like the rest of the Smart family, it shares 60% of it's part with the Misubishi Colt (the better parts I pray). A new undertray is on the list, it's pretty rough under there. Actually thinking about altering the wheelwells too, with a smooth transmission between. Have been tinkering with a the scale models I already bought (have one that's even 1:10)...

As much as I admire the Aerocivic (and believe me Basjoos, I really do), that's not for me. I need my car for my work, and it needs to look, uh, good. So I don't mind extreme mods, as long as it looks professional. I do have some practice with polyester though (have build my own canoes and surfboards, so maybe one day....).
But first things first, and why not start with working down the 65+ list
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