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Originally Posted by TX_Dj View Post
Hey hey, good to see some familiar faces here.

Dave and slowmover have been pestering me to join over here, so I figured I finally would...

Joined the team. MPG still pretty low (and will probably average much lower than the rest of you guys, just because I like to *play* with my truck) but it's coming up after the most recent round of work/upgrades/changes/etc...

Figured I'd check in and say hi, don't know how active I'll be over here, mostly wanted the fuel log graphs since they display much nicer than those in my smartphone app.
Numbers "might" be a tad low, but your overall average mpg is said by one aftermarket tuner -- from their own survey -- to be the spot on CTD average. I consider it a "fair" number when looking over the national fleet (and the proclivities of the national driver). In other words, when someone asks what kind of mpg these trucks get, it's fair to say, they average 15-mpg.

Glad to see you over here. Living in a major metro area with its' 15-mph average city street traffic speed is the toughest hurdle to get over.

Thanks for taking the time to fill out the fuel log. The more of us, the better, in finding out what works over a wider range of use for these trucks.

his fillup I did the same, to be consistent. 375.4 miles @ 16.84 gals = 22.29 mpg. Empty w/hard tonneau (I usually have the tonneau or cab high cap on)

I'm not ever unhappy with 20-mpg. That I can, and the truck can, do better is lagniappe compared to the amount of work the truck can do versus fuel burn.
Suitably advanced engine timing and some aero work is really going to be "the thing" for highway deadhead miles.

Great start!


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