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Originally Posted by sc2dave View Post
what if you were to place a piece of sheet metal from the middle of the bed,to the top of the tailgate? The low side would be at the bed and the high part would be at the tailgate.
I did this with my old b2200 longbed, it did NOT help any

I def saw a huge improvement on my old ranger with a hard cap over open bed.
as I mentioned in another post, driving from my home town (naples, fl) to Miami int airport:
w/o tonneu: 3/4+ tank, just to get there
w/ tonneu: less than 1/2 tank

I made that same trip more than a dozen times over the course of 2 yrs as the woman I was dating at the time was studying in Europe. a few trips were made before getting the tonneu, and 1 trip was made w/o due to picking up a moped. all in all, most of my runs were made with close to the same weather conditions, including wind direction and time of day. as well as our lovely summer storms

however, I think all in all, when I get another truck, it WILL be getting an Aeroshell, Im probably going to closely copy that Mitsubishi one that someone posted a link to about 1/2 a yr ago.

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