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Originally Posted by tinduck View Post
Mhhh... if you like that stuff for the effect, OK.

But do not expect to get a return on investment from the fuel saved by not operating your wipers... the stuff is much too expensive for this to pay for itself.

I guess all these little things mentioned here only work because they are for free; the fuel saving effects are very low but add up. But if you spend money for such low savings, you are out of the box rather quickly, IMHO.

so long,

If you ever used rain-x you know about the better visibility. I'm talking about torrential downpours where some people pull off the road and wait it out. I have had a bottle for 5 years now so the cost per application is more than paid for by the fuel savings in say 40k miles of driving. Also one thing you forgot is wiper blade wear. Compare that cost to the rain-x and you have doubled your savings at least.

Been using it for 40 years here.

Clean your wiper blades every time you wash the car and every time you clean the windshield wipe the blades off with your cleaning rag until the rag does not get dirty. By eliminating the accumulation of oil and gunk on the blades you get better function when you use them and they last several times longer, even if you don't use rain-x.


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