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Depending on the car has anyone thought of a way to insure equal fills of the tank? I have a few ideas.

One is to drill a hole in the side of the tank and install your own little float level thingy rigged to an LED when it lights you at "that point" in the fill.

OR if the room permits it better IN the neck of the fill tube.

You could always fill it till a tiny bit of gas comes out the tube :-) hehe that will get you to within a few ml or so easily enough.

A less complicated but messier way is to get a kerosene squeeze pump.

Fill your tank to the say second click. Now shove the pump in there and suck (pump)

Pour the gas back in and keep shortening that pump feed till it can JUST barely take gas out of the tank and then you suck air. There you right at the top of the fuel pool. (always park in the exact same spot when you do this)

NOW each time you fill purposely overfill. When you get home use your calibrated sucker to suck all the fuel it can get out. Bingo your now at precisely (for our purposes) the same amount of fuel as the last time you did this. Now reset your gizmo.

Measure the fuel you sucked out and subtract that from the amount you put in.

You guys also have another problem. The pumps themselves can be QUITE a bit off in how much gas they actually PUT in your car. as much as 5% off !! (reporting too much or too little) Thats gonna really mess with your numbers.

There is only one way I know of to handle this. Fuel Cells. not the rip off hydrogen variety but like they use in racing cars. Its basically a small durable TANK. Instead of using your gasoline tank you use your FUEL cell and now you can determine "precisely" how much fuel is in the tank and precisely how much you have to add etc..

go with 5 gallon tank and its easy to measure and control and enough to let you go 100-200 miles depending on your car.

This is not for everyone. this would be for people "testing" this thing IE to get it calibrated.

Just some ideas. I am not likely to ever have one of these (my soldering skills suck) maybe when I can get one of these boards preassembled. It looks like I could handle most of the soldering except the duino board. :-)
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