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Originally Posted by sawickm View Post
Hi Adam,

Your "Uprising" Controller PCB Layout looks great !!! can't wait to see how it performs !!!

Question, if I wanted to add a TPS, or HEPA throttle to your controller what modifications would I need to make?

Could the next revision of your controller, have a throttle circuit with the option to install either a POT, TPS, and HEPA throttle ???

I know the Soliton and Zilla have that option.

Anxious on seeing your Driver PCB too.


I have updated the Schematic and Board to include dual throttle inputs. This will allow use of HEPA throttles and dual Pot throttle options.

Throttle options should be:

Single 2 Wire Potentiometer
Dual 2 Wire Potentiometer (Inverted or Normal)
Single 3 Wire Potentiometer
Dual 3 Wire Potentiometer (Inverted or Normal)
Single Hall Effect Sensor
Dual Hall Effect Sensor (Inverted or Normal)

If you asked me when I picked the 23 pin connector, If I thought I would ever come even close to filling it, I would have said hell no. LOL well im only 2 pins away from filling it.

I originally had the 4 closest pins to the ones carrying the main pack voltage with nothing in them so nothing could flash over. Well I ended up using the 2 on the next row down. They are now logic grounds. After reading the data sheet for the connector some more, I found the connector can withstand 1000VAC without flashover. I will test and make sure 400VDC doesn't.

The pictures should update themselves.

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