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Originally Posted by wainair View Post
...but after a month of driving the car I'm glad I didn't buy anything else!
What choice do you have but to like it after spending so much on it? Funny thing about cognitive dissonance

Anyway, the patriot in me hates to bash it, but the patriot in me is not happy with the state of affairs either. Does someone making 170k need $7500 of my tax dollars to buy an overpriced car?

If they only made an electric FIRST, they could have been to market sooner and had direct competition for the leaf (more room for batteries), then worked in their gas addiction agenda.

All that luxury talk has squat to do with efficiency or economy, I am tired of people stroking it to their exhaust pipes, it is transportation, get over it already. It is more than a little foolish, don't people have anything better to concern themselves with than frivolity? It certainly doesn't seem worth my time to discuss it (and touchscreens suck compared to a button you can feel with your eyes closed, or better yet with your eyes on the road).
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