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Question Gal needs help!

Okay, I probably just got ripped off, but Im trying to find out if my vehicle is salvageable. Was told by 2 mechanics that it needed a new motor. Its a 2002 Ford Explorer. I need it to last me about 2 more years. Has/had 192,600 miles on it. So - - I was referred to a guy who put an engine in. I was told was used one, but around 40k miles. Initial cost was going to be 1800, total after all done (still not sure what they did) was 2460. Had someone else pick up for me, and when they did the 'service engine soon' light was on. Called mechanic to ask what was up with that and was told that was not unusual after having engine replaced; and to drive around a few days and it should go off. After 3 days, still on and I called back. He now says 'oh, thats that O sensor'. Then says it probably needs to be replaced. So I asked how much? (Since I just spent 2500 on engine/work) He says he will have to call to get price, then I can call him back in a day or so and he will tell me.

The car seems to be running fine. No slips, misses, unusual noises or any other detectable odd stuff going on. Im afraid I probably got taken on the engine and my funds are about non existent for car repair now. If it is that sensor, will it ruin the car if I dont get it fixed right away? Why would a legit mechanic let someone drive a car off their lot with a service engine light on and something else wrong without telling them at that time?

Any ideas on a good way to handle this sensor problem without spending a ton? I need the vehicle to drive to work (about 20 miles rt each day). Thanks for any insight.

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