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If it runs fine with no black smoke from tailpipe or noises,you should be fine until you can have it looked at!

The SES light could be on for a bunch of reasons and the O2 sensor is just one possibility. It will have to be scanned to see what codes are set.

Another possibility is that the light did not even come on during a test drive because certain diagnostic codes to run/test by the powertrain computer,requires very strict circumstances of driving conditions,startup temperature,fuel level,engine load,vehicle speed etc. the list goes on. I just don't think that the guy parked it with the light on and was hoping that it will go off without scanning it to see what it is? Just guessing. That would be pretty bad business practice.

Maybe some auto part store can scan it for you for free in hopes for selling you the parts? Just guessing again. I would take it back to the shop where the transplant was done and have them look at it!

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