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The more weight you can put on it; the better she'll ride!

If you intentionally run the trailer tire's psi low, there is a cheap "cushion"!

Should I assume for the most part, that you will just be "trollin" like ice cream trucks in neighborhoods ?
If your streets are fairly smooth, and you are careful, you might pull this off.

It's only $225. or so to get a brand new one, have the fun of putting it together. Put test weight on, mount a remote camera to check the shaking.

If it doesn't work out, I think you could still sell it for $260.ish, for your labor in assembly, if you're honest and explain why it maybe didn't work out!

My greatest fear for you is that you'll be smelling so good (cookies) that gangs will jump on your trailer while rolling, and help themselves.

Advice: Get a trailer w 12 inch tire/wheels. (not so many revolutions, more attractive for resale also.)
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