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Restrictions and fuel consumption

Will restricting a larger, let's say, 500cmc bike, like the gs500 for example, reduce it's fuel consumption?

I understood that the gs500 gets about 5l/100 km in town ( or 50 mpg or so ), under normal conditions ( not trying to drive economically ) and I was wondering if restricting it, and also if using various techniques to reduce fuel would make it reach let's say, 4l/100 km or less. ( around 60 mpg, but it would be nice if I could reach 70 mpg on it )

Just got my motorcycle riding license a few months ago and I was wondering what to buy; I commute everyday to work around town, and a very crowded one, average speed is very low for cars, about 20 km/h for the whole trip; fuel consumption is important for me, also size and weight. I will be driving only in the city with the motorcycle that I will get.

I am undecided between a few models:
- a small underbone like the honda innova 125
- honda cbr125
- yamaha virago 250, suzuki tu250 in the 250 cmc class
- suzuki gs500, honda cb500, kawasaki er-5, in the 500 cmc class

What I care about is:
- being thin enough to fit between cars when the traffic is blocked and get
for example the cbr125 is just 67 centimeters wide, that's great for going past cars in trafic
- great fuel consumption
- a reliable engine with low maintenance

I like the 500cmc ones because they are more reliable engines, and also have more than enough power, but I don't appreciate their fuel consumption ( even though they are considered very economical for their size ).
And if I get one, I think it's a good idea to restrict it since I am a beginner ( I have been riding a 49cmc moped for the past 4 months, that is all the experience I have on two wheels ).

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