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Originally Posted by adrian_mirea View Post
Will restricting a larger, let's say, 500cmc bike, like the gs500 for example, reduce it's fuel consumption?
The carburetor versions are often restricted by reducing the intake diameter (plate with a small hole between carb and engine).
It's limiting the air flow, thus also limiting the fuel flow, but I wouldn't expect wonders in the overall fuel efficiency.

and I was wondering if restricting it, and also if using various techniques to reduce fuel would make it reach let's say, 4l/100 km or less.
If I can get 4L/100km out of a Volvo S40, you should do better on a bike

You'll have to change the way you ride, it'll be far more efficient than restricting a bike.

I commute everyday to work around town, and a very crowded one, average speed is very low for cars, about 20 km/h for the whole trip; fuel consumption is important for me, also size and weight. I will be driving only in the city with the motorcycle that I will get.
In that case, I'd opt for a 250 or even 125cc, with fuel injection.

- a small underbone like the honda innova 125
- honda cbr125
These are very efficient little engines.
The Innova averages less than 2L/100km for 98 users !
Overview: Honda - Innova -

Top of the list, Evomoto with 1.1L/100 km is a member here, but he uses a highly modified Innova.

The CBR 125 does almost as good.
Overview: Honda - CBR 125 -
On the CBR, the gearing can be changed so it makes less rpm at the same speed - but don't push it too far on a small 125cc.

Do you get the CBF125 in Romania ?
A bit wider, but the seating position will be more comfortable in town than on a CBR.

What I care about is:
- great fuel consumption
- a reliable engine with low maintenance
That just screams Honda 125cc with fuel injection

The 500cc are oversized for what you say you need.

An MP3 125cc hybrid may look attractive to the fuel-conscious, but it's horribly expensive (almost 3 times the price of the CBR) , and the fuel economy seems to disappoint a bit.
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