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The four buttons in the instrument pod ( -, +, Trip, & km-mph) get corroded and/or dirty. While pushing in on the button, move your finger in a north-south and then east west manner. Do this 30-40 times and it will clean the micro film on the switch contacts. Throw in an occasional circular motion. Works.

If you have low mpg's, check the alignment especially 'toe' setting. Should be set as close to zero as possible.

OEM carpets are petrified peach fuzz, you will wear a 'heel hole' into the floorboards. Use good mats.

Ignition coils rust in salty climates, paint the coil laminations to extend service life.

Hatch electrical switch can have expensive mechanical issues, but usually can still be opened with key. Cheaper hatch struts ARE available. Honda struts are $$$.

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