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Originally Posted by tinduck View Post
Obviously, you have never driven this kind of engine in a heavy car.
Obviously you have never driven a mapped one

A 1.9 old style 130PD TDI with a remap is good for 160hp at least, and over 250 lb/ft of torque. Do this from a PD160 engine and you could see 180-200 hp without changing anything else - add in a bigger turbo and intercooler and maybe 250hp would be yours.

All of this is irrelevant of course because even a 130 TDI makes 250 lb/ft of torque and you drive that, not HP. A remap puts you at 275, and with some good bits you could see north of 300-320.

At that level your 1.9 4 cyl TDI is making as much torque as a "modern" US V8 with far lower fuel consumption.

So its viable I think - it just needs to be built.

And if that doesn't work then there is always the 2.5 or 3.0 TDI V6s (although the 2.5 seems fragile...)

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