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I wouldn't fool around with that system unless you know in intricate detail what each part is called, what it does and what it takes to replace it, how it works and how much it costs, which way the freon flows, what type and viscosity of a/c oil your car's system takes, which is the high and the low side and so on...

Maybe the only thing I can tell is you can manually control the compressor from cycling via the wires leading to the dryer / accumulator / receiver but it's generally only used for testing, you see where this is leading in terms of a failure, there exist several components to an automotive air conditioning system and if any of them fail you're looking at several hundred dollars and that's just for starters.

In most cases, the mere diagnostic of an a/c system costs north of $100,
that's just for them to TRY and find out what is wrong with it.

Don't be the next two thousand dollar a/c repair horror story, if you like your air conditioning to work, then don't fix it.

That having been said, by disconnecting the plug at the dryer / accumulator / receiver, the compressor won't come on at all.

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