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along the tom ogle thing, watch the documentary "gashole". it does a great job of explaining the tom ogle mystery (conspiracy).

i am an energy engineer and i am hell bent on developing a way to extend the range of CURRENT petrol engine technology. most of my testing is done on my 96 vw cabrio. propane conversion will be dont this spring, however, as i already have all the parts minus the tank, i am thinking about using the vapor carb to develop my own gasoline vapor draw system. a supercharger will be used to pump the vapor/air mix into the engine. fuel lines to rail will be blocked via servo/regulator assembly to avoid damage to the fuel pump and will possibly utilize the a/c system to vaporize and cool the vapor to avoid combustion outside of the cylinders. wanna use my ideas? go for it, some of them arent my ideas, im just building on some concepts ive heard about along with developing my own. this could be a great step if we can all make it work. shell oil company cant kill us all
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