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Originally Posted by villain.ind View Post
i am an energy engineer and i am hell bent on developing a way to extend the range of CURRENT petrol engine technology.

propane conversion will be dont this spring
Propane conversions are nothing new, and still depend on oil wells for their distilled fuel.

however, as i already have all the parts minus the tank, i am thinking about using the vapor carb to develop my own gasoline vapor draw system.
That's old tech.

a supercharger will be used to pump the vapor/air mix into the engine.
Almost all improvements in fuel efficiency have been based on separating air and fuel for as long as possible - currently using direct fuel injection.

will possibly utilize the a/c system to vaporize and cool the vapor to avoid combustion outside of the cylinders.
Another energy loss.

Cooling the vapor will result in fuel condensing again.

I'd say look elsewhere for improvements.
It's got to be good enough to substantially beat the now onrushing direct injection ... 70 years after WW2.
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