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Modern catalytic converters can handle more abuse than most people think. It's only when a misfire develops with raw fuel being dumped into the exhaust that they will turn to molten lava while innocently doing their job of oxidizing HC. The cats in the 70's were notoriously easy to damage, which is why 90% of them were removed in the first 5 years of the car's life.

Here's the latest AirCare emission test from the carbed '84 Volvo that I might buy for $500. 350,000 km on the odometer.
Driving HC: 47ppm
Driving CO: 1.14%
Driving NOx:925ppm
Idle HC: 32ppm
Idle CO: 0.61%

Needless to say, a PASS with flying colors. Keep in mind that the Solex style constant velocity carb was notoriously accurate in its fuel metering, as long as the ATF "reference fluid" reservoir was kept at the proper level.

I imagine that one of these carbs would be a simple install on your '64 Chevy six. An aftermarket generic cat would work absolutely perfect. But, a TBI setup from an S10 would also work well, as they are also simple.
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