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I had plenty of carb'd cars, several with cats. To retrofit isn't as worthwhile at might first seem apparent. The "stink" is associated mainly with a cold motor. Sure, it'll never be as "clean" as one with a cat, but as with the example above, one can build a "performance" motor that is about maximizing BSFC for either town or country driving. Decide what it will be used for, and go to folks like Bruce Crower who have a long history of highly efficient motors going back decades. Conpression ratio, piston quench, bore/stroke ratio, all sorts of fun details to go through. A good five speed would be ideal, IMO, as memory seems to say that in the old days that a V8 with the proper load on it, gear-by-gear, always seemed to be worked a tad harder where it mattered. That made for one internally clean compared to a lazy motor never used hard. Definite stink reduction . . although I for one miss the sweet smell of tetraethyl lead and the sound of a high compression gasoline engine.

One has to learn to distinguish between just well-burnt gas, and a motor way out of whack. Huge difference. All sorts of info in that exhaust.
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