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The true cost of innovation

The spark of innovation began in 1999. The process took 5 years to materialize into something that had enough legitimacy to pursue a Patent.
The first Patent process was a nightmare of mistakes by the Patent Office and in the process the second configuration was conceived and after a decade, a Patent was finally issued.

Tens of thousands of dollars in legal cost, a prototype that worked but was poorly executed by a machinist whose priority was funding his business.

There are hundreds of examples of innovation, where the spark of the same innovation, cost the individual their wealth, their lives, and also cost their families dearly for their pursuit of something that changed our lives today in ways we could not imagine at the initial point of that same innovation.

Sadly many innovators, knowing the low odds of ever achieving financial success, when such success is richly deserved, never pursue their dreams to the point where that dream transcends the threshold of success.

I know this thread is not about what I have posted here. I just wanted to show the "other side of the coin" when it comes to real innovation. I have never asked anyone for financial, assistance. People of integrity understand that outside financing brings on significantly greater expectations of progress and deadlines are set that seem to make every step in the process excruciatingly difficult.

Anyway, enough rambling from a beat up Old Mechanic. It doesn't take much to figure out when someone is trying to use this site for quick personal gain without substantial evidence to support their claims.

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