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Originally Posted by awillard69 View Post
Did you only have to do this once? Or for every subsequent upload, also?

So, what sequence? IDE, power, serial, upload? IDE, serial, power, upload? Serial, power, IDE, upload? ...?
Sorry if it's not much help but I'll share my observations.
The sequence I usually do is IDE, serial, power, upload. If upload fails I'll unplug power, connect power, and upload again.

I built my 2.0 and have been unable to cause any upload failures. I have also not had any recent failures uploading to a 1.0 board with no components attached.

The arduino site mentions that some diecimilas shipped with the NG bootloader. These boards may not operate upload correctly. I don't know if this problem affects the serial boards. It seems unlikely.

The led of an unprogrammed board does indeed blink. Its rhythm should be disrupted by pressing the reset switch or attempting to upload.

EDIT: I agree that your 3 wire serial cables probably won't reset the board and therefore won't upload properly. You may be able to upload by manually hitting the reset switch at the right time.

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