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Run a T connection to both of your heater hoses. Run the hoses from the T connectors to your insulated reservoir. Install a mechanical or electronic heater control valve in either the supply of return line (makes no difference and may prove unnecessary).

When you start your engine the heater supply and return hoses are not controlled by the thermostat and your water pump provides the pressure to move the coolant. When you turn the engine off you can shut off the coolant flow to the reservoir with the control valve. It may not even be necessary to kill the coolant flow as it will stop when the water pump stops moving coolant.

On restart open the valve (if installed) which allows the stored hot coolant to flow directly into the engine which gives you faster warm up time (even faster with the thermostat closed). As long as your reservoir is capable of handling the cooling system pressure it will work automatically and coolant will flow since the thermostat will be closed until the engine gets to operating temperature.

Not meant to be a criticism of the excellent idea of the OP, just a simpler system. It would eliminate the necessity to add additional pumps and the system would work using the flow created by your water pump.

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