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Subaru Baja !!


I'm new. As per the title, I have a Subaru Baja to which I'm hoping to ecomod.

I have a ScanGauge (Green) in the mail.
This weekend, it will undergo exhaust modifications (cat-back with less restriction, long tube headers).
I've given it a decent tune-up: NGK iridiums, nice filters, de-carbonized intake system, and low viscosity synthetic lubricants. I can't really alter the ignition system.

Trying to decide between an aftermarket cold air intake kit, or just making my own.

My aero mods haven't started yet, due to grad school. I'll be blocking off the front grill as much as possible with aluminum sheet. The fog lamps I'll be covering with lexan. Underbody paneling I hope to complete when I find time and material.

I have design ideas to smooth the turbulence wake from the tail of the "truck". Basically, an aluminum frame with lexan panels, sloped downward toward the tailgate. Hinged at the top to allow access.
I'd like to remove the rear tailgate, as it weighs at least 45 pounds. It may be integral to the chassis stiffness...but I don't really care. Some nice thick aluminum plate would suffice, for me.

I'm looking into AWD to FWD conversion kits, to delete the rear drive components. But...its expensive...and rare. I'm unsure of the reliability.

I haven't removed seats or anything for weight savings. I do not wish to remove the alternator.

Anything else?

Oh...I keep the tires filled, etc...blah blah...

It won't come close to my wife's Honda Insight. But, I'm trying. Love the car-truck waaay too much to trade it.

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