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Oh! (and sorry for the double post)

I'm also installing pizza-pan wheel covers soon, as well as rear wheel skirts.
The car is silver, so plain aluminum sheeting shouldn't stand out TOO badly. Folks think the car's hideous already, anyway...

Just need to find a cheap source of aluminum sheet for that and the undertray....

Has anyone found that long-tube headers increase MPG? The current exhaust manifold has an intergrated cat converter, whereas the aftermarkets do not.
I'll have a high-flow cat installed with the exhaust, anyway.

Thinking about moving the side-view mirrors inside the car door. Or using motorcycle mirrors. I don't use them on my motorcycle, so I'm quite used to it.
Roof rack removal and radio antenna alteration (don't care for the $81 "Shark Fin")

Already has an electric fan. No camshaft or electric water pump options. Really kinda limited.

Also interested in knowing if anyone's tried the power steering bypass on a Subaru.


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