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Welcome to the site.

In general aftermarket headers shift torque to a higher rpm, one which most ecodrivers don't drive in. We like to keep the rpms below 2500 to reduce losses to friction.

I'd also recommend staying with the stock intake. A cold air intake won't net you any better mileage than the stock intake. Firstly, the stock intake is just not a restriction at 2500 rpm or lower. Second, warm air is better for fuel efficiency vs cold air.

Aeromods are where it is going to be unless you drive exclusivly in the city. I'd look into some form of aerocap like the pickup guys do. You'd probably see a very nice gain there. Grill blocks are a great place to start.

You'll still see your largest gain from adjusting the nut behind the wheel's driving technique though. See the 100+ hypermiling tips link at the top of the page.
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