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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
If there's an existing block heater I don't see the point of heating up all that extra with electricity.

If you heat the coolant in an insulated container, you will retain that heat for longer periods of time. A normal block heater is fighting the heat being radiated to the atmosphere. At 40 below (doesn't matter centigrade and fahrenheit are the same at 40 below).

Even if you have the luxury of a heated garage, insulated heat retention vessel will be much better at preventing heat and electrical energy losses.

I really like this idea, especially where it really gets cold, like places where your temp gauge drops to dead cold in 15 minutes. I would like to try it on my Maxima but there are space issues and the heater hoses are buried behind the rear cylinder bank. Hehe maybe the F150 if I keep it. Aluminum blocks really cool off quick, so the F150, which is cast iron won't cool off as fast as the Max which is all aluminum.

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