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Originally Posted by EF EM EL View Post
I love this car, but it is SERIOUSLY aerodynamically challenged!!! I bought this 2009 AVEO 5 hatchback with 17k miles about 5 months ago. It has a 5 speed manual transmission, cruise control, and air conditioning. Of all the different driving techniques I've tried, none is as near a significant factor as the difference between cruising at 55mph vs. 75 mph. It's literally the difference between 31 mpg and 38 mpg.

the engine doesn't need the mods on this car, the powertrain engineers did just fine. it's the aerodynamics that are killing it . . . i need a boat tail. anyone want to start a company with me that makes boat tails for aveos and sonics?
I have the same car ('09 Aveo5) except mine is an automatic. I get 37 MPG at 65 MPH with the A/C on. But at speeds of under 45 the MPG is terrible - only 22 MPG, thanks to the way the A/T is programmed.

The belly pan and grille block I added had no effect aerodynamically. The removable upper grille block may have some benefit in winter in helping the engine reach operating temp faster. But you can't leave it on when the temperatures are above freezing.

I don't think the aerodynamics are the source of most of the problem with FE on the Aveo5. But then again, ours is rarely driven at even 55 MPH, let alone 75 MPH.
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