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Smile Displaying voltage, oil pressure, oil temp etc.


I stumbled over the MPGuino site and realized that I need to look closer into that topic. Actually I just want to install a plug and play ScanGauge system, however my car does not have an active OBD plug and no electronic fuel injection. It is an old fashioned diesel car with mechanical fuel injection. My main focus is not displaying fuel consumption (however, it would be nice), however the following classic gauges are of my interest:

1. Oil pressure
2. Oil temperature
3. Voltage
4. Amps
5. Outside temperature

The thing is, that all these gauges are perfectly available from manufacturers such as VDO. However, their diameter is too large and will not fit. Moreover I want to display many gauges and there just is not any space for that. Thats why I need a compact digital system.

So basically its all about handling sensors which change their resistance values (or voltages) and display these values on a small screen (with conversion factors).

For that purpose I want to install a basic lcd display module into the DIN Radio compartment of the car. The dimensions are approx. 175x50 mm.

Can anyone help in guiding me into the correct direction of that project?


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