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Roof Spoiler on Pick-Up Truck Cab - Phase-1

I need some extra eyes on this little experiment. I've been reading that a sharp edge on the roof of a pick up truck is even more effective than a bed cover, and works best with a cover (I have one).

The situation is that I've beveled the underside of the smoked acrylic spoiler/wing to mount flush with the rolled edge of the roof. I fully intended to use silicone caulk and hold the tips down with some tape while it set up. Should that fail or pop up later, I would resort to a fastener of some kind.

However, prior to gluing it all down and caulking I'd like to consider all of my options. To my eyes I currently have a wing, a strange inverted wing to say the least.

Please note that the rear edge of the roof spoiler/wing is a 90 degree cut, no bevel, cant, or angle involved.

S10 4x4 Pick Up pictures by kach22i - Photobucket

EDIT IMAGE ABOVE: A connector on the leading wing edge has since changed the angle to zero, matching the aluminum support.

Should I bend those tips down and caulk as planned?

I'm thinking of doing a little test driving first. I'll have to zip tie the leading edge of the roof spoiler to the aluminum channels to prevent wing/spoiler flapping as there is only a single thru-bolt near the rear edge and it could act as a hinge at speed.

THE QUESTION.................and options.

1. Leave "as is" and hope it's a wing or spoiler.

2. Bend down and caulk.

3. Gorilla tape the existing open joint, that way the gap is closed and level with the aluminum channel spar and roof plane. If this works, work on making it better in the spring.

EDIT-1: Maybe this flow chart will help.
MORE random pics...... - Page 1955 - Pelican Parts Technical BBS


I did not want to mess with messy caulk or temporary tape until I did some road testing. I added a thru-bolt and lock nut to the spoiler/wing to prevent it from acting like a hinge. I may have to put couple more holes in my roof to secure the aluminum channels and prevent some see-saw action. The existing screws are only 6" apart and can be rocked via the deflection in the thin sheet metal roof. I will use automotive plugs and sealant to close up the holes in the roof when the experiment is over. I have similar plastic plugs in the tailgate from a NASCAR style spoiler I installed a couple of years ago and have since trimmed down.

More photos, about a dozen more in link:
S10 4x4 Pick Up pictures by kach22i - Photobucket

This is the thread and image which got me going.

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