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I'll try anything
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well today i performed several ecomods on my 200 Ranger ( the 1 i'm stuck driving til mid December), 1 was a partail antennae removal, didn't have time to take the guts out, or anything to cover the whole, will b bringin it into the truck eventually though, cd collection here i come lol, the other was window deflector removal n mud flap delete, as my post says i'll try anything in fact i'll prob try it all lol, i'd love to see 50 mpg due to i deliver pizza for a living so the more i save the better, sure getting a truck(s) for delivery was prob a bad idea but my 220 frame doesn't fit in cars to comfortably, next idea is mirror delete (both) w/ a panoramic rearview mirror to replace it, however ford didn't have that option so i gotta fabricate it myself, i have an idea as to how i'm gonna do it, i will post pics though i'm not sure how many ppl on here have a Ranger, also i wanna do a full belly pan but not sure how plus concerned w/ engine, trans, exhaust, n rear differential cooling
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