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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
The 'cab wings' tested by Texas Tech were no shorter than 24-inches
I had no idea it could be that large, I had trouble finding images on my own and the ones I did find were not much larger than what I ended up with. The other thread offered no photos, just the tiny diagram images.

I just used my largest scrap left over from my hovercraft elevator project.

Pictures by kach22i - Photobucket

On the hovercraft the sheets of acrylic help straighten out the swirling flow from the fan blades.

Back to the truck:
In theory, vortexes will form at the top of cab corners. The tips of the wing stop short of the top corners by about 2 inches. Either this is a good thing by getting out of the way, or I missed the boat on influencing/controlling vortex generation.
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