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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Beautiful car. Practice the driving techniques, especially P&G, in the list of 100 above, and you'll see more that 50mpg easily, especially when the weather warms-up. [EDIT: Also, you could consider mods first that don't much alter the appearance or function of the car, if you like its clean stock look, such as an undertray/bellypan or inflated tires, removed power steering, unplugging the A/C relay for winter, a shifter-mounter injector kill switch...]
I'll post some better pictures once the weather clears. "Mods that don't alter the appearance or function much" are what I'm interested in. I don't believe the I have power steering and I need to look into the injector kill switch as I'm not familiar with those details. I'll order a MPGuino and work through that install before making any changes to the HF. Once I have established a baseline, (probably hard to do during a Missouri Winter) I'll run a couple SeaFoam treatments, remove the spare tire, inflate my tires, maybe pull the passenger seat, do a full tune up and valve adjustment, Amsoil for the motor & transmission, clean the EGR ports and send the injectors off to be cleaned. I'd like to find a stock intake manifold and injectors for a 90 CRX HF so I can minimize the downtime of my Honda.

Originally Posted by SVOboy View Post
Looks like it's in pretty good shape. Are you interested in mods?

I would definitely get an MPGuino for the time being.
MPGuino will be ordered in a couple days. I'm looking for the assembled, latest version, but there's a lot of information to sort through on these. Anyone have a quick link to the latest & greatest?

Thank you for the comments and suggestions are certainly welcomed.
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